New Flash - We Been Social Distancing for YEARS!

Since the inception of Fakebook, I mean #Facebook, we have ALL been #socialdistancing ourselves.

Our goal has been to get as many "friends" as possible. Then let's get as many "connections" as possible. Then let's become an "influencer", YouTube star, Instagram model, etc.

Now with this virus, we are told to ACTUALLY practice social distancing.

This virus will now show us a few things when it's over:


While at the same time teach us a few things going forward.

1. Time Management

Work - Being more productive & not overworking.

Home - Being home & focused on family.

2. Food

What is essential & important for our body vs gluttony.

3. Family

Spending real time with family & being present.

4. Contact

Not connections but CONNECTED. True contact.

5. Outings

Appreciating the places we can go, where we want. But now truly enjoying them.

6. Contact with Real Friends

Face to Face. Quality Time. What matters is not Facebook friends but those who you can pat on the back, lean on, laugh with, be together. Creating Moments.

7. Freedom


8. Social Media

Where it matters & impact the most

9. Strategy & Planning

It's important to know that the magic pill of fast wins doesn't exist. Preparing, engaging, strategizing and executing are essential. Think Small to Earn Big.

10. New Revenue Streams

Thinking outside the box. It's time to look & create other revenue streams within your business & life. But also, handle those streams that go into overdrive (ie. transportation, grocery & medical supplies).

NOW is the time to strategize

NOW is the time to engage - With clients & team members

NOW is the time to prep

NOW is the time to write content

NOW is the time for a gut check

NOW is the time to ask for help

NOW is the time to evaluate expenses, marketing dollars & what it is returning

NOW is the time to start

NOW is the time to UNITE

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