How It Works

Relatable Marketing - Think Differently






Business Meeting


-Strategy Planning Understand your Sales process

-Consulting with Marketing and BD

-Evaluate Brand and Social Data

-Generate Plan for Implementation

-Find TRUE Revenue Builders

-Trade Show Marketing Plan

Business Team

Sales pipeline

-revenue generating marketing


-Work with Marketing and Sales On Follow Up and Lead Capture


-Handle Engagement on Social


-Create Email Campaigns


-Consult on Use of Video to increase Awareness and Sales



-Pre Production Filming / Post Production


-Create Content

-Film Case Studies


-Set up Social Media


-Objection Videos




-Website Creation


-Graphics and Print Materials

Making Notes


-Supply Metrics on Sales Process


-Continued Consultation

-Create more Content Generate more SOLID WARM Leads


-Engage and Build a REAL Brand


-Add –on’s of New Ideas to keep things going

Business Meeting


-Train and Consult Sales Team


-Builds Individual Brands through Sales or Ambassador


-Provide Status Updates


-Build Brand for the Long Run


-Teach how to post content independently



Micro Content

One Long Form Piece of Content

i.e daily vlog content, podcast, keynotes, interviews with clients, interviews with team members or Q&A show

Distribute Across

Social Media

Interact with comments,

engagements and shares.

Build an audience withreferrals and

provide value

Repeat again with video content & listen to comments of feedback for NEW content. Keep the audience happy and engaged.

Real    Strategy

Revenue Focused

Building Brand and Reputation

Long Game is the way to go. There is no quick fix. We help build something that will last through economic swings and slow seasons. 

Library of Video Content for Prospects and Visibility

Building video content is a powerful advantage to your competition. It’s a great way to get ahead and grab attention of the right audience and show light to your company. Repurpose, Reuse, Recoup.  



This strategy is something that will get WINS as long as the process is trusted and executed correctly. We can easily plug and play in your organization.



We will train, coach, and lead your teams to success as we become a part of your marketing/sales teams. we get hands on to deliver what is needed to make sure it’s performed perfectly.